Want to improve your LLM performance? Get 5x better ChatGPT performance with these simple #hacks.

I’ve seen a lot of tips around the Internet about how to improve prompts. Here’s some simple ones that rely on nothing more than some Markdown.

Use Headers to organize content

  • Use # for main headings.
  • Use ##, ###, etc., for subheadings.
# Main Heading

## Subheading

### Sub-subheading

Emphasize text for clarity

  • Use **text** for bold.
  • Use *text* or _text_ for italic.
I am **strongly** emphasizing this.

This is an _important_ note.

Create lists for better readability

  • Use - or * for unordered lists.
  • Use 1., 2., etc., for ordered lists
- First item
- Second item
- Third item
- First step
- Second step
- Third step
  • Use text to include a link.
Visit [OpenAI](https://openai.com)

Use code blocks for technical content

  • Use code blocks that begin and end with triple back ticks ```.


# This is a code block


And one more example:

```Also a code block```

But a single line, command, or function can be done with single back ticks:

`print("this is a line of code")`

Use block quotes for citations

  • Use > for block quotes
Your quote goes here:

> Now is the time for all good men...

Add images

  • Use ![al text](image url) for images
![This is an image](https://example.com/image.jpg)