Unlock the full potential of ChatGPT and LLMs. Learn these four simple prompt frameworks to improve the responses from the model.

R-T-F: Role - Task - Format. Act as a ROLE, Create a TASK, Show as FORMAT.

T-A-G: Task - Action - Goal. Define the TASK, State the ACTION, Clarify the GOAL.

B-A-B: Before - After - Bridge. Explain problem BEFORE, State outcome AFTER, ask the BRIDGE.

C-A-R-E: Context - Action - Result - Example: Give the CONTEXT, Describe the ACTION, Clarify the RESULTS, Give the EXAMPLES.

Eager to use other strategic planning frameworks like SWOT analysis from the business world? That works too.

S-W-O-T: Strengths - Weaknesses - Opportunities - Threats: Analyze STRENGTHS, acknowledge WEAKNESSES, explore and consider OPPORTUNITIES, and consider THREATS.

How do these frameworks work for you? Others to share?