I enrolled in a Coursera course titled ‘Data Science + Analytics’. The second lesson, Software Setup and Supporting Materials requires a blog post for running your first program, so this is my post. See below for the program and output.

Analysis of results

A random sample of 2,294 adults over the age of 18 were asked the following question, “On a seven-point scale, do you think that Blacks and other minorities are treated the same as Whites in the criminal justice system (1) or do not receive equal treatment (7)?” The results are shown in the first table of the Output section below. Of the total number, about 35% chose value 7 which indicates they believe minorities do not receive equal treatment. Overall 48.7% believe strongly that minorities do not recieve equal treatment (values 6 & 7). Just 12.3% believe minorities receive equal treatment (values 1 and 2). Only 2.4% refused to answer (-1).

For the next question, the same sample of adults were asked “What is your religion?” The results are displayed in the second table. Just 12.8% answered none or that they did not have one (13) with the majority of 28.9% answering Baptist of any denomination (1). Protestant’s (2) came in at 16.8% while Catholic (3) was 14.4% of responses. Other Christian (11) was the other significant response at 15.4%. Only 19 individuals (0.8%) refused to answer (-1).

For the third question, “On a scale of 1 (strongly agree) to 4 (strongly disagree), should churches or places of worship be involved in political matters?” The results are displayed in the final table below. The majority of 38.5% believe strongly that churches or places of worship should not be involved in political matters while just 8.1% strongly agree that churches and places of workship should be involved in political matters.

SAS Program

The code for the program I used to produce the output below follows:

LIBNAME mydata "/courses/d1406ae5ba27fe300 " access=readonly;
DATA new; set mydata.oll_pds;
LABEL   W1_K4="Blacks treated same as whites? | 1=Equal treatment | 7=Do not receive equal treatment | -1=No Answer | 9=Not sure"
        W1_M1="Religion? | 1=Baptist | 2=Protestant | 3=Catholic | 4=Mormon | 5=Jewish | 6=Muslim | 13=None"
        W1_M3="Places of worship involved in politics? | 1=Strongly Agree | 4=Strongly Disagree";


SAS Output

SAS Program Output, Source: S. Prestridge